<p><b>WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control</b></p> <p>During 15-20 November will have place IV Session of Convention on Tobacco Control parties in Uruguay.</p> <p>On conference of parties is offered to consider a project of guiding principles in part of complying articles 9 and 10 of CTPR ("Content of tobacco products regulation" and "Regulation of tobacco products content disclosure"). And project offers countries-members of framework convention to prohibit or considerably restrict use of non-tobacco ingredients (sugar, aromatizers, coloring agents and so on) in tobacco products' content. According to opinion of working group of Conference of Convention on Tobacco Control parties', these ingredients, as tobacco products' components, provoke or intensify dependence on tobacco products. At the same time project of guiding principles doesn't have any arguments and scientific grounds in regards to increase of harmful influence on tobacco products consumer when these ingredients are present. Moreover, this opinion doesn't conform to official WHO position: all <a href="http://www.cigline.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> with ingredients or without are equally harmful.</p> <p>Enough quantity of countries will be against such presentation of problem on session of parties' conference in Uruguay. As not so long ago 14 countries (among them Argentina, Turkey, Mexico, USA, Greece, Japan, Brazil) have criticized Canadian law C 32 that came into force in July 2010 and for first time has prohibited use of ingredients in tobacco products as contradictory to World Trade Organization and Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade. Nothing is so definitely even among members of Parties' Conference working group that has developed these recommendations - against were: China, Hungary, Bulgaria, Turkey, Jordan and Algeria.</p>