<p><b>Cigarette manufacturers were accused in indirect advertising on YouTube</p></b> <p>Leading tobacco manufacturers could have intentionally place advertisement of cigarette products on video-hosting YouTube. To such conclusion came group of scientists from New Zealand that had researched 163 promos, informs BBC News.</p> <p>According to scientists' opinion, approximately 20 promos, placed on web-site, were made very professionally. Researchers have noted that, by using Internet, advertisers could skillfully ignore legislation. In 2005, according to World Health Organization (WHO) agreement with authorities of 168 countries, ban on cigarette products through main communication channels.</p> <p>The most popular brand on YouTube appeared to be <a href="http://cigline.net/?action=discount&cigarettes=Marlboro&prod=24"><b>Marlboro</b></a> that belong to Philip Morris. According to researches data, each promo in which appears this cigarette brand have watched minimum 104 thousands of people. The most popular promo with Marlboro has reached 2 millions of viewings. Then follow L&M, Winston and Mild Seven.</p> <p>Meanwhile manufacturers of tobacco products have strongly rejected all accusations. Some of them have declared that they have addressed to video-hosting representatives with request to remove promos where information about their brands is presented. YouTube has also informed that they have never received money for placing <a href="http://www.cigline.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> advertising.</p> <p>Meanwhile, tobacco products manufacturers have strongly rejected all accusations. New Zealand specialists have advised authorities to attract great attention on YouTube content and prohibit appearance of such videos on legislative level.</p>