<p><b>In the country of the most mass tourism tourists will be banned from smoking on the street</b></p> <p>More and more countries in chase of healthy lifestyle impose ban on smoking. These days this initiative has been also approved by Egypt authorities. From now on, tourist that was noticed on the street with smoking cigarette, he will have to pay penalty - 18 USD.</p> <p>From now on to smoke a cigarette will be possible only at places that are specially meant for this. It is not known yet if the ban covers hookahs so much loved by Egyptians.</p> <p>Local authorities can be understood. As Egypt is leader in quantity of smokers among African and Middle East countries. Annually here are smoked 19 billions of <a href="http://www.cigline.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> but weakness for tobacco has 20 per cent of citizens.</p> <p>One more resort country where smokers will not feel comfortable enough is Greece. From June 2009 in Greece was introduced ban for tobacco consumption in closed premises. Now, it is strictly prohibited to smoke in state institutions, cinema, and stadiums, in transport, schools, and hospitals and also in bars, coffee houses and restaurants. For infringement threatens a penalty: from 50 euro for smoking in a bar, to 200 euro - in state institutes. It worth to be said that Greeks are also the most heavy smokers in European Union - tobacco in this country is consumed by 42 per cent of citizens.</p>