<p><b>Inscriptions on cigarettes packs are wrong</b></p> <p>Researches have determined that figures printed on cigarette packs don't reflect the real content of tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide in tobacco smoke. You shouldn't trust these figures - at least till the measurements are entrusted to tobacco Companies, warns The British Medical Journal.</p> <p>Content of hazardous substances in tobacco smoke is measured by machine method but received data can be erroneous. As equipment estimates additives' content in average not considering individual "smoking" habits. Besides modern cigarettes are made in such a way that smoker inhales much more smoke than is programmed by device. Finally, the thing that is simplified is called tar, in realty it is a cocktail made of more than 69 carcinogenic and toxic substances!</p> <p>Researches of previous years have demonstrated: the less tar is in cigarettes the safer the smoking is. But at present days everything has changed: with the smoke of new <a href="http://www.cigline.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> smoker receives more carcinogens, including the most dangerous among them - nitrosamines. In the meanwhile, data about content of nitrosamines in the smoke are different not only among different tobacco Companies but even with the same manufacturer. And even content of tar in cigarettes decreases, they don't become less harmful because of this.</p> <p>But if data about impurities in tobacco smoke don't correspond to the facts, should they generally be measured in this case? They should. Not for calming down smokers, but for tobacco Companies - to know allowable level of harmful impurities. And not level of tar and nicotine must be measured, but level of carcinogens and toxins as well as their level is measured in exhausts.</p> <p>Cigarettes marking like “lights” or “ultra lights” are already prohibited on EC territory. The same should happen with cigarettes in USA. But it is not all – from cigarette packs should be removed false figures.</p>