<p><b>Tobacco drying up and fermentation. Part 1</b></p> <p>To grow good tobacco is just half of work. In order not to spoil the gathered tobacco harvest you should with all responsibility approach to the stage that precedes the rolling up - tobacco must be dried up in right conditions and necessary amount of time and it is important to accomplish fermentation. Only after fulfilling all technologic conditions you will get qualitative product.</p> <p><b>Drying up</b></p> <p>Gathered harvest is delivered to special tobacco sheds for drying up. As a rule, these sheds are common wooden granaries of square form. However here is one of no small importance condition: it is desirable that the rectangle of the premises would be pulled out from the East to West. In this case as practice shows the warmth of the sun is shared inside the building evenly but it means that tobacco in all its parts also dries up with the same speed.</p> <p>Tobacco leafs that was sent to drying are bind in pairs and hung up on special poles that are called cuhe. On each such pole can be hung up not more than 50 pairs of tobacco leafs. Poles with fresh lot of tobacco should be placed inside the granary closer to the floor, but with time, when they will start to dry out a little they must be lifted higher and higher, putting on their place new cuhe with fresh leafs. If following such technology of tobacco leafs drying up even dry up can be reached.</p> <p>It deserves to be noted that time of covering leafs drying up takes from three to three and a half weeks but binding and stuffing leafs dry up approximately twice as much from 40 to 50 days. Houses for tobacco drying, as a rule, are situated directly on plantations or not far from them. Anyway for harvest drying is responsible tobacco grower himself. However after drying tobacco is sent on plants and enterprises that procure and treat tobacco.</p>