<p><b>From where do we have tobacco?</b></p> <p>The exact origin of "tobacco" word is not known but supposedly its roots come from the island name Tobago. Inhabitants of this island have rolled leafs of some plant and have used them in ritual smoking, calling this plant "tobacco".</p> <p>Now "tobacco" is a plant that belongs to nightshade family that after drying up is used for smoking. In Europe tobacco has been imported by Portuguese and Spaniards in 16th century. As soon as it has appeared in wide spreading in tobacco scientists have found a lot of curative properties and begun to consider it just about miraculous medical plant. With tobacco were treated infectious diseases and ordinary chill, toothache and headache. Entire books were written about curative properties of new plant. But in the end of 16th century appeared also books that have called people to smoking to prevent carious diseases. And tobacco at that time was not only smoked but also sniffed, chewed and applied to afflicted places.</p> <p>With time appeared more and more plantations for tobacco growing. Of course, tobacco was mainly grown in America and exported around entire world.</p> <p><a href="http://www.cigline.net"><b>Cigarettes</b></a> smoking in 18th century was mainly the privilege of High Council. It was just about luxury and was considered inaccessible pleasure for inferior population layers.</p> <p>The fact that tobacco has attracted attention to it so quickly and has gained popularity is explained very simple. Not only during those times but also now, things that are manufactured in Europe, and America attract attention at once. And new and not known always attracts. Tobacco begun to be grown and manufactured namely in America. Besides at once were found its curative properties what gave to this plant even more respect. Besides from economical point of view tobacco cultivation brought big profits and, of course, active propaganda of its smoking was made. For many people it was just beneficial.</p> <p>But opinion of all people will never be the same and single. For example, in England and France government has practically immediately challenged tobacco smoking because of harm to the health. Also Kings have noticed that smoking makes people slower. In these countries also was perfectly understood that such propaganda is made mainly because it is profitable for tobacco manufacturers. Because of these reasons tax for tobacco import in England and France was considerably increased though it hasn't brought significant result. As tobacco was smoked it was continued to be smoked only the quantity of clandestine importation has increased.</p> <p>But not only in England and France have fought smoking, in Turkey were undertaken more severe measures. For smoking people were beat up, exposed to shame and even put to death. But even these measures haven't become effective.</p> <p>And for many years nothing has changed. Today every child knows that smoking is dangerous and harmful for health.</p> <p>Cigarettes and tobacco manufacturing today prospers actively, tobacco is grown in entire word. And in the nearest decades according to specialist's forecast this manufacturing will only increase.</p>