<p><b>Which tobacco types do we smoke?</b></p> <p>Today, smoking became ordinary habit of many people. Smokers every day <a href="http://www.cigline.net"><b>buy cigarettes</b></a>, choosing any brand. But it is few people who have thought about how various cigarette brands differ and what does he generally smoke... Which tobacco, of what quality, where it from and moreover of what sort is it.</p> <p>As the matter of fact "tobacco" is a plant. And this plant has approximately 1000 of varieties, but for tobacco products and tobacco for smoking manufacturing are specially grown only two varieties of it.</p> <p>It is Nicotiana tabacum - sort that is used in tobacco manufacturing for pipes, cigars and also for common cigarettes manufacturing.</p> <p>The second one is Nicotiana rustica. From it is manufactured tobacco of lower quality.</p> <p>"Tobacco" plant that has already been in treatment and has transformed into finished products is also divided into few sorts. And basing on these sorts various tobacco blends are prepared.</p> <p>Let's cite examples...</p> <p>Approximately 70% of world production takes Virginia sort the most famous among all tobacco varieties. It was started to be grown in Virginia state, from where originates its name, now it is grown in many places of the world. This sort is related to "bright" tobaccos, is used both in pure form and for blends, is received by method of steam treatment.</p> <p>One more "bright" but less popular tobacco sort is Bergey. Also for the first time has been grown in USA and now is widespread in entire world. It differs from other with its aroma and high content of nicotine. That is why it is often used in aromatic blends. It is received by method of air drying. Also quite famous are Turkish tobaccos. Thanks to its pleasant aroma and taste is more often used in blends. For example, in tobaccos for hookahs.</p> <p>Oriental tobaccos differ from other sorts. First of all, the plant itself from which oriental tobaccos are made has appearance that differs from other tobacco varieties.</p> <p>Many tobacco types are named after geographic names of places where they were first cultivated. This is Kentucky, tobacco dried up on the fire, very strong with original taste. And also Latakia - sort dried up on the sun with spicy aroma.</p> <p>Perique tobacco is interesting with its manufacturing. First it is quickly dried up, and then 8-10 months aged in oak casks with fruits and spices. As result is received quite original much flavored tobacco.</p> <p>There are also blends of listed above tobacco sorts such as Cavendish and Black Cavendish. For their production are mainly used Virginia and Burley sorts. More often Cavendish is pressed in bricks with addition of various herbs and preservations.</p> <p>And this is only small part of tobacco types; in realty they are much more.<p>