<p><b>Plant that has conquered the world</b></p> <p>What associations does person have when he hears the word "tobacco"? Perhaps, practically everyone will answer that it is some substance that is smoked. No many will answer that it is a plant. Someone will start to describe his sensations, negative or positive. If person doesn't smoke and moreover is allergic, he will definitely say that it is substance with unpleasant smell from which the nose is stuffed and the breath is embraced. Inveterate fans to smoke will certainly describe their sensations that can be compared with light euphoria.</p> <p>And everyone will be right in their own way. As it is at the same time plant and substance that has dizzy properties. But, first of all it is a plant. So, from where has it appear?</p> <p>There is opinion that word "tobacco" originates from island with name Tobago, on which Columbus with his sailors has met aboriginals who called big rolled leafs with word "tobaco". These leafs were used for ritual smoking. Here can appear question how have they smoked leafs as the lighters and matches where not invented at those times. But it is another story. Note that tobacco existed even 4000 years ago and was used by Indians in rituals. But it was long ago, but in the second millennium people found out about tobacco only in 16th century when its seeds were imported in Europe. People of that time have used tobacco as remedial substance that was chewed sniffed, and that they started to smoke it. Nobody has thought that it can harm, but about this was found out much later.</p> <p>Now tobacco is used in many articles. But, before getting there in quality of filling, tobacco leafs are dried up, treated in special way and only after this they get, for example, in cigarettes and cigarillos (except tobacco itself they contain flavor additives). But it is the only its application. Someone prefers just to fill the pipes with tobacco and smoke them (some kind of exotic). On the East, for example, tobacco is placed in hookah with admixture of aroma, as results an amazing mixture is received. One more type of tobacco products - cigars - is intended for real tobacco connoisseurs. And they even are kept in special way - they are placed in humidors, peculiar boxes where necessary environment is maintained not to spoil cigar.</p> <p>In such a way from ritual plant tobacco received wide spreading in entire world.</p>