<p><b>Various methods of tobacco consumption</b></p> <p>Tobacco was imported in Europe from Central America. Most probably, the word "tobacco" itself originates from the name of Tobago Island. And when Europeans began to grow tobacco, medicine of that time was sure in its healthy properties.</p> <p>There are various methods of tobacco consumption.</p> <p><a href="http://www.cigline.net/"><b>Cigarettes</b></a> <p>They were invented by Indians. After Crimea War they have acquired wide popularity in Europe. The word "cigarette" itself has French origin and is translated as "small cigar". Cigarettes are provided with special filter that doesn't allow such harmful substances as tars, nicotine, suspended smoke particles and also all kinds off harmful impurities to get in organism.</p> <p><b>Cigarettes rolled by the smoker</b></p> <p>Today cigarettes rolled by the smoker are quite popular. After Word War II people that had at least small income, smoked namely them, in such a way it became fancy. People from higher social layers took no interest in such smoking. Cigarettes rolled by the smoker can be rolled either by hands or a special device can be used for this. Regarding paper. In this case is usually used cigarette paper.</p> <p><b>Cigars</b></p> <p>Cigars represent rolling made of tobacco leafs. There are a lot of various cigar sorts, they differ in strength. It is recommended to begin with lighter sorts. It is important to note that for keeping cigar humidors are necessary. Namely they allow creating optimal conditions and provide necessary level of humidity.</p> <p><b>Cigarillos</b></p> <p>Cigarillos are usually aromatized and have big flavor diversity. For example: vanilla, menthol, coffee or even apple.</p> <p><b>Pipes</b></p> <p>Quite popular today are also smoking pipes. During their manufacturing are used various materials, but it is better to acquire pipe made of heather. It is very important for the pipe to be correctly perforated. Generally, it is better to have several pipes and use it in turns.</p> <p><b>Hookahs</b></p> <p>Hookah is device for smoking that came from East. It has water filter, thanks to which its cool smoke is cleared from harmful impurities. Instead of water in filter many people add various aromatizing liquids, oils and wine. Special tobacco is used for hookah, humid and adhesive.</p> <p>Snuff and chewing tobacco lately also got wide spreading in entire world. Their main advantage consists in causing less harm for health than other methods of tobacco consumption and you they don't need lighters and matches. But it is not harmless as the main component of it is tobacco.</p>