<p><b>Smokeless tobacco</b></p> <p>Today is known a lot of methods of tobacco consumption. First of all, it is smoking. You can smoke such tobacco products as <a href="http://www.cigline.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a>, cigars, cigarillos and even hookah. Some people also take a great interest in chewing tobacco or snus, as it is also called.</p> <p>Lately, its popularity grows in entire word. Chewing tobacco originates from Sweden, where it has appeared in 1882.</p> <p>Snus consumption differs a lot from usual smoking; it has its advantages and disadvantages. To advantages can be referred fact that it is entirely harmless for the lungs. But it doesn't mean that it doesn't influence the health in any way. If talking about chewing tobacco content, besides directly grinded tobacco, inside it enters sugar, salt, water, humidifiers and aromatizers. According to results of many researchers snus contains considerably less injurious additives than other tobacco products. Snus also with various flavor additives is in demand.</p> <p>How snus consumption occurs? It is interesting that though this tobacco is called chewing, but actually, it is not chewed, only the pack with tobacco is hold in the mouth. And you can swallow only saliva, not tobacco. It is important to note that such way of tobacco consumption is purely individual and it is one more advantage.</p> <p>Snus perfectly fits those people who decided to quit smoking. During transitional period, while is still impossible to refuse nicotine, it is better to pass to tobacco chewing which will be easier to refuse later. All of these are confirmed by experience of Sweden population that became the only European country where smokers make less than 20% of adult country population.</p> <p>Let's consider material part. For example, during pipe smoking or other smoking types, you will need matches for lighting up but in other cases more expensive lighters. When you are chewing tobacco, you don't need all of these. Let suppose that you are cigar admire, in this case you will need humidors as you will not wish to spoil flavor of expensive cigars. So, snus also helps to save considerable part of your budget, what, agree, is also not unimportant.</p>