<p><b>Tobacco is gift of the God to people. Part 2</b></p> <p>Once French diplomat Jean Nicot, from whose second name originates name of substance that is contained in tobacco nicotine, has offered tobacco to Spanish court doctors Catherine de Medici who with its help have healed her from often episodes of migraine. After this former patient became passionate tobacco admirer what has favored a lot further headlong increase of tobacco smoking popularity across entire Europe and outside of it.</p> <p>First mentions about cigars refer to 1735, but just in one century cigar smoking acquired wide popularity that in 1870 has reached its peak. Approximately at the same time wide spreading got roll-up smoking that became cheaper and more accessible alternative to pipe and cigar smoking. Later begun mass production of factory cigarettes, that because of their low price took leading position on world tobacco markets, considerably having stolen leadership from pipe tobacco blends, cigars and snuff tobaccos.</p> <p>Such position is kept till present, but this doesn't knock cigars and pipe tobaccos as their highest quality is not a circumstance to inferiority of factory cigarettes. That is why pipe and cigar smoking today is people's of people, who really wish to get real pleasure from smoking, but use of qualitative tobaccos for roll-ups becomes style and independence implementation.</p> <p><b>Tobaccos bush</b></p> <p>Tobacco that is known in botany as Nicotiana Tabacum belongs to Solanaceae family and has annual growth cycle. Depending on the sort and also soil composition and climatic conditions of growth region, tobacco bush height fluctuates in the limits from 50 centimeters to 3 meters. Leafs of this plant are dark-green outside and light-green inside, are fastened to the stem in sessile way, i.e. they don't have cuttings. Their form and size also depend on that or another sort. Tobacco blooms with small pink flowers and is pollinated in two ways: self-pollination and with the help of insects.</p> <p>The fruit represents capsule which contains up to 40000 very tiny brown seeds. These seeds are so small that one gram of them they are numbers approximately 12000. As the flowers and accordingly, fruits on one tobacco bush are several than one plant can bring up to 400000 seeds. In principle tobacco is very unpretentious and can grow anywhere, but to receive quality raw material are necessary well-chosen climatic and soil conditions and also special methods of growing and primary treatment that require big meticulous work and that differ one from each other for each individual tobacco sort.</p> <p>At present the biggest manufacturers and exporters of tobacco are USA and Brazil. Besides them tobacco is successfully gown on Cyprus, Sumatra, in Zimbabwe, Malawi, Tanzania, Turkey, Greece, Mexico, Honduras, Dominican Republic, India, China and some other countries. Quality tobacco growing from one side is a very profitable business as even from small lot can be got very good harvest but from another side it requires considerable labor and money costs.</p>