<p><b>Tobacco rising and harvest. Part 2</b></p> <p>During air drying tobacco is kept in big, well protected from sun rays, drying depots in which definite temperature is maintained and necessary humidity level. This method is used for sort Burley tobacco drying and for cigar tobaccos. During drying on the sun tobacco is hanged out for sun rays access and is covered only from rain or during the night from dew. Such method is used for drying Eastern tobaccos.</p> <p>During thermal drying tobacco is placed in closed drying premises where during 5-7 days temperature is gradually increased up to 70 centigrade degree. This method is used for Virginia tobaccos drying.</p> <p>During drying under the fire tobacco that has been previously subjected to air drying is hanged under the fire in which certain wood sorts are burning. Smoke from fires is absorbed into tobacco leafs giving them special specific aroma that depends on sort of the wood that is used for fire. Usually these are oak, spruce or hickory firewood. Such drying method is issued for Latakia and Kentucky tobaccos.</p> <p>Tobacco selling to manufacturer</p> <p>After drying termination tobacco leafs are sorted according to size and color. Then tobacco is in a special way packed in small briquettes per 20 leafs each or in huge blocks per 250 kg that are sent on special tobacco auctions where qualified experts, dealers , exporters or representatives of various tobacco products manufacturers make its acquisition.</p> <p>After tobacco delivery to tobacco plant, depending on tobacco sort and the purpose of its future use, tobacco leafs are slightly moistened and their skeletal strings are removed. Then tobacco is subject to repeated drying and compression under hydraulic presses after what it is packed in special containers on which are placed plates with full characteristic of content. In such form tobacco is stored during several years till full development of its aroma and decrease of bitterness in taste. Only after this it will be suitable for further manufacturing process.</p>