<p><b>Tobacco rising and harvest. Part 1</b></p> <p>Tobacco rising requires from planters big efforts an money investment and also deep knowledge, high professionalism and reach experience as the path from tobacco seed to ready raw materials for tobacco products manufacturing is very long and thorny. Everything begins from that tobacco seeds are firstly sowed in small boxes with soil and are evenly covered from above with thin soil layer that is slightly rammed for protecting them from direct sun rays.</p> <p>Approximately in a month when on germinating shoots are formed four leafs, small tobacco bushes are manually transplanted on fields in long rows separated by small vales for rain water flowing. While tobacco grows, planters have to fight with various diseases and destructive insects but when blooming period begins it is necessary to totally remove all the shoots with buds as it is very important for tobacco bush to use all its energy for leafs rise.</p> <p>When tobacco has ripened, its gathering begins, and for each sort there is special method: in vase of Virginia tobacco is gathered only leafs, in case of Burley tobacco is used entire bush till the roots. The closer to the stem top are placed leafs, the higher their quality is, that is why on planter's professionalism and experience depends right sorting of gathered tobacco leafs. After all, while tobacco buying by manufacturer its' quality is estimated by 144 categories and parameters.</p> <p><b>Various methods of tobacco drying</b></p> <p>After cropping tobacco is not sold at once but is subject to obligatory drying that for each tobacco sort and its varieties is made in different ways. Exist three main methods of tobacco drying: air drying, during drying on the sun, thermal drying and drying under the fire.</p>