Snuff tobacco blends

Source material for snuff tobacco blends creation serve the same tobacco sorts and their varieties that are also used for pipe and self-twist tobacco blends production and also cigars and cigarettes, however process of their treatment is entirely different.

Usually for snuff tobacco blends are selected several different sorts of light tobaccos from USA and Africa but sometimes quantity of components that enter in the blend reaches 20 sorts. Dry tobacco leafs are placed in special aggregate in which takes place their grinding to powdery texture. This unique apparatus allows achieving irreproachable smoothness and extraordinary fineness of tobacco fractions.

After grinding begins one of the most responsible stages of manufacturing process - preparation of dry blend. For this purpose various sorts of tobacco powders under control of computer are mixed among themselves in cameras specially equipped for this purposes. Exact observance of prescribed proportions is main guarantee of success of final product. Then in dry blend are added necessary aroma and flavor additives that in the future will determine all characteristics required for it. Thanks to this tobacco powder also becomes moist a little and softens. Then it is poured into special containers that are transported into well conditioned depots. In these containers tobacco powder is hold during four weeks for necessary aroma and flavor formation and also for moderate lowering of nicotine content.

After such long hold begins second very important phase in snuff tobacco production - ultimate formation of final blend. In dependence of original recipe, blends of tobacco powders prepared before this in necessary proportions are mixed with each other and to them are added new natural ingredients among which more often are used eucalyptus and mint oils and also various fruit extracts that add to snuff tobacco individual refresh effect.

Final stage is strict control of quality that confirms correspondence of flavor, aroma and color of received product to strict formula standards. Only after this ready snuff tobacco blend is weighed and packed in brand vacuum package.