<p><b>Snuff tobacco consumption</b></p> <p>To her maximal pleasure from snuff tobacco inhalation, use several simple advices given below:</p> <p>1. Snuff tobacco can be inhaled in two ways: from the fingertip or from the side face of the hand. Selection of method entirely depends on how you like better.</p> <p>2. For beginning it is better to inhale small portions. A pinch of snuff tobacco is taken with fingers from the jar and in form of small hill is poured out either on fingertip of another hand or on its side face in place where the thumb joins with index finger. Then with one nostril you harshly inhale snuff tobacco and make pause of few seconds giving you opportunity to feel its delightful refreshing aroma and pleasant sense in the nose. Then similar procedure is repeated for second nostril as well.</p> <p>3. First times, you, as a rule, will sneeze. At further regular use of snuff tobacco this reflex will be eliminated. In conclusion it is important to note that snuff tobaccos are manufactured with different variations of strength and aromas that is why you will be always able to find suitable composition for you by testing and selecting them but certain frequencies of snuff tobacco use entirely depend on desire and habit of person who inhales it.</p>