<p><b>Tobacco treatment. Part 5</b></p> <p>So, mixing both main tobaccos - Virginia and Burley can be reached necessary balance among dryness and sweetness, at the same time with this, regulating nicotine quantity. Big tobacco plants before purchasing big lots of tobacco in personal laboratories make analyzes of trial raw material purchasing. At this are investigated the following parameters:</p> <p>1. Taste and aroma</p> <p>2. Burning speed</p> <p>3. Color and tobacco appearance</p> <p>4. Humidity</p> <p>5. Nicotine content</p> <p>Burning speed and easiness, for example, of Burley tobacco is better than of Virginia tobacco thanks to big content of potassium in Burley tobacco. Also important is, of course, humidity of ready tobacco that must be in the limits of 12-18%.</p> <p>Regarding nicotine, tobacco strength is determined in the following way:</p> <p>0.6-1% light</p> <p>1-2% medium</p> <p>2-3% strong</p> <p>3-4% extra strong.</p> <p>Tobacco with nicotine content more than 4% is considered unfit for use as tobacco for smoking. Nicotine content depends not only on tobacco type but also on the time of cropping and way of drying. Late crop and quick drying give more content of nicotine. On tobacco bush nicotine content is growing from bottom leafs to the top ones.</p>