<p><b>How to sort out huge quantity of various names of pipe tobaccos? Part 2</b></p> <p>Unfortunately, majority of tobacco manufacturers, in advertising prospectus describe advantages of their products with unjustifiably optimistic colors that often don't have any relation to realty. All such brochures consist of set of superlative degree, like - "the best world quality", "unforgettable taste sensations", "the most selected leafs of elite sorts" and so on.</p> <p>And tobacco can turn out to be not a bad one in fact, but, alas, entirely unsuitable namely for you. Moreover that such descriptions very seldom give opportunity to understand, does this tobacco suit you at least in principle. According to taste qualities tobacco is assumed to divide into:</p> <p><b>English blends</b></p> <p>Were popular for many years and represent Virginia and Burley blends with Latakia and oriental, eastern tobaccos addition for adding individual nuance for each blend.</p> <p>English mixtures, as a rule, favorite blends of heavy pipe smokers and usually, it is the same type of people that prefer to drink not thinned whiskey.</p> <p><b>American tobaccos</b></p> <p>Mixtures based on Virginia tobaccos and Burley tobaccos with Parick or Latakia additive. Generally, these are tobaccos like Mixture or granulated (cross-cut). Mostly blends are quite light, sweetish, often aromatized.</p> <p><b>French taste</b></p> <p>Generally, these are quite strong tobaccos like Mixture which's taste reminds cigar's taste. Usually, with big part of oriental tobaccos that add acuity to taste.</p> <p><b>Danish tobaccos</b></p> <p>Mostly these are aromatized tobaccos with spicy sweet taste. Types of tobaccos most often - Flakes, Spun cut, Cavendish. The most famous brands of Danish tobaccos - Orlik, Mac Baren, Petersen. Many, also popular brands, as, for example, W.O. Lasren, often belong to one of these companies.</p> <p><b>Holland tobaccos</b></p> <p>As a rule, these are tobaccos like Cavendish and Mixture, basing on sorts Virginia and Burley, quite light and often aromatized. Also these are relatively strong tobaccos basing on strong Virginia sorts and dark, fermented tobaccos.</p> <p><center><img src="http://cigline.net/img_news/pipe_tobacco2.jpg" alt=""></center></p>