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Electronic cigarettes undergo a realty test. Part 2
"Homemade" vaporizers are not only cheaper - presence of aromas makes them more attractive.

Electronic cigarettes undergo a realty test
Big tobacco Companies finally have seriously taken on electronic cigarettes.

Cigarettes with low nicotine content do not increase number of smoked cigarettes
Fear of smokers that cigarettes with low nicotine content may make smoke them more, appeared to be groundless showed Canadian scientists.

Electronic cigarette cause nicotine dependence
Scientists have proved that electronic cigarette doesn't save from bad habit.

Smoking to the good: scientists offered to recycle cigarette butts
It appears that cigarette butts' filters can be used for storing energy.

In Kazakhstan cigarettes will grow in price by 30% in 2015
Ministry of finance of Republic of Kazakhstan suggests determining from January 1st 2015 minimum retail price on pack of filtered cigarettes in amount of 200 tenge.

Ministry of Health has prohibited sending soldiers tobacco and cigarettes to Gaza
Ministry of Health of Israel has prohibited sending cigarettes and tobacco products to soldiers and Zahal officers...

In Netherlands was officially declared that electronic cigarettes are harmful for health
In Netherlands was officially declared that electronic cigarettes are harmful for health.

Israeli pharmacies were prohibited to sell cigarettes
Ministry of Health of Israel has prohibited private pharmacies and pharmaceutical chains to sell electronic cigarettes...

Electronic cigarettes have caused new type of dependence
Among victims are children.

Designer has invented cigarettes that help to quit smoking
Taiwanese designer has invented new collection of special cigarettes with the help of which people may get rid of vicious habit, writes The Daily Mail.

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Electronic cigarettes undergo a realty test. Part 2
"Homemade" vaporizers are not only cheaper - presence of aromas makes them more attractive.
Electronic cigarettes undergo a realty test
Big tobacco Companies finally have seriously taken on electronic cigarettes.
Cigarettes with low nicotine content do not increase number of smoked cigarettes
Fear of smokers that cigarettes with low nicotine content may make smoke them more, appeared to be groundless showed Canadian scientists.
Electronic cigarette cause nicotine dependence
Scientists have proved that electronic cigarette doesn't save from bad habit.
Smoking to the good: scientists offered to recycle cigarette butts
It appears that cigarette butts' filters can be used for storing energy.
In Kazakhstan cigarettes will grow in price by 30% in 2015
Ministry of finance of Republic of Kazakhstan suggests determining from January 1st 2015 minimum retail price on pack of filtered cigarettes in amount of 200 tenge.
Ministry of Health has prohibited sending soldiers tobacco and cigarettes to Gaza
Ministry of Health of Israel has prohibited sending cigarettes and tobacco products to soldiers and Zahal officers...
In Netherlands was officially declared that electronic cigarettes are harmful for health
In Netherlands was officially declared that electronic cigarettes are harmful for health.
Israeli pharmacies were prohibited to sell cigarettes
Ministry of Health of Israel has prohibited private pharmacies and pharmaceutical chains to sell electronic cigarettes...
Electronic cigarettes have caused new type of dependence
Among victims are children.
Designer has invented cigarettes that help to quit smoking
Taiwanese designer has invented new collection of special cigarettes with the help of which people may get rid of vicious habit, writes The Daily Mail.
WHO may equal electronic cigarettes to usual. Part 2
Among other participants of the meeting were representatives of six WHO regions: countries from Africa, America, South-Eastern Asia, West Mediterranean and Western part of Pacific Ocean.
WHO may equal electronic cigarettes to usual. Part 1
For manufacturing and selling electronic cigarettes in major countries of the world may be applied restrictions that are applied now for traditional tobacco products.
Wales-s authorities want to prohibit electronic cigarettes in public places
It may become first case of such ban in Great Britain.
Electronic cigarettes cause nicotine poisoning
In 2010-2014 American specialists from Poison Control Centers have registered significant increase of complaints on nicotine poisoning. It was caused by use of electronic cigarettes.
China. About smoking. Part 4
China became the 77th country that has signed WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, members of which undertake to protect the health of population and trying to achieve reduction in tobacco consumption.
China. About smoking. Part 3
In the country was introduced ban for TV advertisement of cigarettes. It is worth to mention that such ban was introduced in China back in 1966.
China. About smoking. Part 2
In PRC smoke about 60 % of men, approximately per 15 cigarettes a day.
China. About smoking. Part 1
Recently in Beijing took place two sessions - CPPCC session (Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference) and NPC session (National People's Congress).
After introducing ban on electronic cigarettes grey market will "bloom"
Ban on sale of electronic cigarettes in Latvia planned by Ministry of Health contradicts position of European Union and will further illegal trade President of the Latvian Traders Association Henrik Danusevich has declared.
Experts have named main rules of cigar smoking
Cigar smoking is considered a special ritual.
Branded cigars on XVI Habano Festival
Four brands attracted attention on XVI Habano Ferstival, they are symbol of highest quality and traditions of tobacco manufacturing on the island: Partagas, HoyodeMonterrey, H.Upmman and Trinidad.
Smoking causes laziness
Brazilian researchers affirm that in fact cigarettes smoking is not just a vicious habit it also negatively influences all aspects of human life.
Cigarettes in Czech Republic will increase in price this summer
This summer price on cigarettes in Czech Republic will increase in price again.
Electronic cigarettes will be equaled to snuff?
Several medical communities have expressed their wonder and disappointment that Spanish legislation decided about consumption of electronic cigarettes states "El Mundo" newspaper.
Smoking Ban For English Prisons
British Prison Service wants to ban smoking in all penal institutions in England and Wales, BBC reports.
E-cigarettes Are More Dangerous Than You Expect
According to the data from French investigators, Electronic cigarettes contain more toxic substances that real cigarettes The Daily Mail reports.
Mark Twain and his habits
Few people know that Mark Twain wrote poems and tales for children, he's more likely famous for his ingenious "Answers to Correspondents"
Virginia Slims
Virginia Slims is a brand of cigarettes from Phillip Morris companies (now Altria Group).
E-cigarettes as medicines in Britain
Beginning with 2016 e-cigarettes in Britain will be licensed as a non-prescription medicine. And the product won't disappear from stores as well.
Cigarettes Ads back on TV
Two big companies is to launch e-cigarette ads on American tv channels. R.J. Reynolds is planning TV ads for its Vuse e-cigarette beginning in August.
Ex-Facebook President Invests in E-cigarettes
Sean Parker the co-founder of Napster and first named president of Facebook invested $10 million in a leading maker of electronic cigarettes...
France to ban Electronic Cigarettes in public
France is to ban smoking of electronic cigarettes in public places.
Plain cigarette packets in Ireland
Ireland will become the first EU country to sell cigarettes in plain packs. The new law is expected to come into force next year.
Cigarettes reduce stress: busting the myth
It's all about self-suggestion. Smoker is aware of the fact that cigarettes are harmful, but at the same time he is craving for them.
Non-smoker lungs vs Smoker lungs
Despite all the shocking illustrations of smokers' lungs there is no difference between the lungs of those who smoke and those who doesn't.
Johnny Depp and his Private Smoking Plane
Johnny Depp flies on private planes so he can smoke during the flight.
Imperial Tobacco to develop electronic cigarettes
Imperial Tobacco - the world's fourth-largest cigarette producer - is going to launch electronic cigarettes.
Mankind will quit smoking in 40 years
Smokers could disappear from the face of the earth in 40 years.
Tobacco can cause hallucinations
Tobacco in its pure form without any processing can have various properties.
The Camels are coming!
We all know about teaser ad the aim of which to grip the attention of a buyer with something provocative and outstanding.
Cigarettes go to Internet
The home delivery of cigarettes is gaining ground in Europe, USA and in former USSR.
Recently paparazzi caught Johnny Depp in his "normal" state. This happened on set of the new film "Transcendence".
Tobacco price increase in Israel
The Israeli Finance Minister Yair Lapid signed a decree to raise the sales tax on tobacco products.
New York: raising the smoking Age to 21
The New York City Council is preparing a number of regulations on cigarettes, including the minimum age for buying cigarettes to 21.
Latvia: Smoking near kids equal to violence
The parliament of Latvia has passed a bill that would make smoking cigarettes in the presence of children equal to an act of physical violence.
Apple refused to fix smoker
Young woman called Dana found some problems in her laptop's work. CD-ROM began to play up soon after the purchase.
Bad Time for Smoking
Recently the annual meeting of AAOS took place and there were published the data regarding fracture healing in different cases and situations.
Once upon a time in Dulmen
A curious case took place in Dulmen, Germany. Forty-one-year-old man (let call him Hans) was strolling along the beach together with his wife...
Israel: cigarette price increase post factum
Knesset Financial Committee has passed the motion of the government increasing price on tobacco products.
President Obama: 94-cent tax hike on cigarettes
Obama proposes 94-cent tax increase on cigarettes.
Better Know What You Smoke
According to scientists it's not so much tobacco which causes harm to human health, as synthetic substances containing in cigarettes.
Bulgaria: 3 - 4% cut in cigarette sales
The ban on smoking in public places that came into force in Bulgaria in June 2012 has led to a decline in cigarette sales.
FIFA Banned Smoking In Stadium
According to the announcement made by FIFA representative, smoking will be prohibited during the Confederations Cup football matches...
Medicare for Russian smokers
Soon the anti-tobacco program will take effect in Russia. The program is to be funded through the Compulsory Medical Insurance money.
Georgia against Smoking
Anti-smoking wave which overwhelmed a big part of countries all over the world, reached Georgia. This sovereign state is bounded to the west by the Black Sea and shares borders with Turkey.
LA: people will pay $125 for smoking
"Life without smoking" initiative came into force in Los Angeles.
Churchill and Holmes won
Russian parliament suggested penalties for showing tobacco products and the process of smoking in new films and plays.
Swedish surgeons refuse to operate on smokers
The Swedish Medical Society made a shocking statement: surgeons won't operate on patients if they are smokers unless live saving measures are needed.
Good Morning without Cigarette
Recently physicians argue a lot about hazardous effect of smoking. Some say that the bad habit is a seat of many troubles.
Genetic Aspect of Smoking
American researchers claim: Genes can definitely influence whether someone may become a smoker.
Tobacco to treat Rabies
A team of molecular immunology researchers has genetically modified tobacco plants to produce effective rabies antibodies.
To Quit or Not To Quit
Anti-tobacco campaign kicks into gear in lots of countries.
Some Benefits of Smoking
Scientists came to the interesting conclusion: smoking prevents herpes, allergy and schizophrenia.
Aesthetics of Smoking
No matter what hypocrites say, but while smoking indisputably damages health, there is an aesthetic aspect of this ritual.
102 years old - high time to quit smoking
Nice old lady from Great Britain Clara Cowell has been a heavy smoker for many-many years.
Estonia Against Menthol Cigarettes
The Estonian social ministry supported the new European Commission's tobacco directive banning cigarettes with menthol flavor.
No More Cigarettes for Russian Soldiers
Russia's new defense minister prepared the document according to which cigarettes are excluded from the ration.
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg proposed a new health law calling for stores to keep cigarettes away from buyers.
Electronic Cigarettes to be investigated in France
Health Minister Marisol Touraine ordered study into electronic cigarettes to check if they affect health.
Heroin Smoking to be legalized in Norway
Jonas Gahr Støre, Minister of Health and Care Services in Norway announced the government would consider decriminalizing smoking heroin.
Kosher Cigarettes
Dubek Ltd., Israeli cigarette manufacturer released "Kosher for Pesach" cigarettes.
Fictional Cigarette Brands
In order to avoid copyright infringements many directors use some sorts of artifices - invent their own trademarks.
How To Smoke a Cigar
According to experts, cigar smoking is a kind of ritual. So let's check does it involve a certain difficulty as it may seem at first sight.
Fascinating Smoking Facts

It's not easy to get used to smoking

Actually you should go through a long and winding road to become a really excessive smoker.

Tobacco Goes Out Of Date
According to a national study the number of U.S. teenagers using tobacco has reduced, while the use of marijuana is on the high level.
Woman arrested for stealing cigarettes 22 years ago
The police arrested woman, who stole a pack of cigarettes...22 years ago!
Visualization of Smoking

Recently tobacco control movement becomes more intensive. At the end of the last year the Public Health Service submitted a plan, according to which all tobacco companies were required to place warning images on cigarette packages.

No cigarettes - no craving to smoke
According to the latest research it's quite easy to inhibit the desire to smoke If one knows that there are no cigarettes in the house.
Smoking becomes more expensive in USA
ObamaCare (The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) imposes large insurance surcharges on smokers.
Turkey Against Hookah
According to the new law, issued by the Turkish government recently, hookah smoking in public places is no longer permitted.
Did you know...
Cigarette is the most popular product in the world About a trillion cigarettes is sold worldwide every year. Tobacco industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world.
Myths About Smoking
One drop of nicotine can kill a horse.
Smoking became symbol of developing country
80 % of smokers from entire world are from developing countries.
No shisha: Saudi Arabia introduces ban for smoking in places of tourists gathering. Part 2
All restaurants and coffee shops who have infringed rules have to pay penalty in amount of 600 rial.
No shisha: Saudi Arabia introduces ban for smoking in places of tourists gathering. Part 1
Smoking ban on all tourist objects was introduced by Saudi Arabia that has declared decision which got out of the walls of General Commission for Tourism and Antiquities.
Chile Parliament has prohibited smoking in public places
Chile Parliament has passed the law about smoking ban in closed premises in public places.
Smoking prevents from getting rid of alcohol addiction
Group of researchers from USA has determined that smoking during treating of alcoholism significantly influences mental power of the person and prevents from getting rid of alcohol addiction.
It is easier to start smoking at work
More chances to join the ranks of smokers have men who work a lot or experience serious stress at work.
In European Union menthol cigarettes will be prohibited and "frightening pictures" on packs will be
Executive Commission of European Union has promulgated plans of new attack on smoking and smokers in all 27 countries of European Union.
In Brasilia anti-tobacco laws have halved number of smokers
In Brasilia strict anti-tobacco measures in 1989-2010 have caused reduction of smokers by 46 %.
Hyperactive children start smoking oftener - scientists
Children with hyperactivity syndrome begin to be interested in cigarettes and smoke earlier and twice oftener than their peers without such diagnosis, consider Britain researchers from Cardiff University.
Australia frightens smokers
Last Saturday Australia became first country in the world where came into force legislation according to which all cigarettes are sold in similar unattractive packs...
More than 260 thousands of Britons have promised to quit smoking
More than quarter millions of United Kingdom population have solemnly promised to quit smoking.
Thoughts about cigarettes
People that always think about cigarettes, quit smoking faster and more painless than those who block such thoughts.
In composition of cigarettes is not restricted quantity of dangerous substances
Researchers from University of Alicante (Spain) have studied composition of cigarettes of ten brands and have found out that concentration of some harmful and carcinogenic substances differs significantly in various brands.
Norway: Court has rejected motion of concern about prohibition of displaying cigarettes in shop wind
Norwegian Court on Friday has rejected motion of concern Philip Morris about infringe of free trade agreement that became evident after introducing prohibition of displaying cigarettes in shop windows and other trade outlets.
Smoking problem cannot be resolved with taxes
Tax increase on tobacco product doesn't reduce number of smokers in USA, but less secures Americans spent on tobacco dependence almost quarter of their profits.
Each month Latvian smokes more than one pack a day
For the last years there were no significant changes in smoking popularity in Latvia...
How to quit smoking without gaining extra weight. Part 4
Universal methods are quite simple but nobody has cancelled their effectiveness.
How to quit smoking without gaining extra weight. Part 3
Will power and no cakes! This method will suit determined and strong-willed people.
How to quit smoking without gaining extra weight. Part 2
Dismiss ideas about extra weight.
Experts advise first of all to concentrate on struggle with nicotine dependence, not digressing to extra weight.
How to quit smoking without gaining extra weight. Part 1
Statistics confirms: four of five people who have quitted smoking gain in average from 2 to 5 kilograms.
Lithuanian prime-minister Andrews Kubilius would express himself for stricter labeling of cigarette
"I haven't seen design of those cigarette packs. But as I have tried to quit smoking twice and the second time was successful, I wouldn't mind what Australians are using"
Scheme using which person starts smoking
A lot of people consider that usually teenagers adopt vicious habits, including smoking, from their age-mates. But it appeared that that's not true at all.
Smoking ban in Saudi Arabia
Minister for Internal Affairs, Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz has declared that Saudi Arabia starts realization of royal decree that supposes smoking ban in public places...
In China was dismissed journalist who wrote about expensive cigarettes of an official
Chinese journalist Shi Zun Zun who wrote that district level official smokes expensive cigarettes has lost job.
Vitamin D will save smokers lungs
Deficit of vitamin D is result of lung function impairment and fast long term decrease of this function among smokers.
Spain introduces penalties for minors for smoking on the street
Authorities of Spanish city Girona decided to prohibit minors to smoke on the streets of the city.
Genetics took care of it - smoking will not bring you pleasure anymore
You are not able to throw cigarette?
Refusing cigarettes provokes more weight gain that it is customary to assume
People who have quit smoking during one year in average gain 4.5 kilograms, Britain and French scientists have shown.
How strong you depend on nicotine? Part 2
One more scale - motivational. It is important to understand why you want to smoke.
How strong you depend on nicotine? Part 1
From time to time you may smoke few cigarettes, but certainly you are not a smoker.
Carrot instead of cigarette
In the program of long-term research of vegetables and fruits influence on tobacco refusal by person have participated 1000 smokers of different sex, age and social layers.
Unhandy pack of cigarettes as trick of anti-tobacco campaign
RISD ID graduate Erik Askin decided to follow steps of English Build studio and Britain Health Department.
In New Zealand pack of cigarettes will cost 75 USD
New Zealand government plans to increase excise taxes on tobacco products by 40 per cent during the nearest four years.
7 salutary products for smoker. Part 2
MILK. If before smoking a cigarette to drink a glass of milk, it will spoil "taste" of cigarette.
7 salutary products for smoker. Part 1
Smokers know very well: some products improve cigarettes flavor, others, on the contrary, spoil it.
Unemployment threatens smokers from Alaska
President of Alaska University in Fairbanks city, Patrick Gamble invented how educational institution can save on medical care of their employees 21 million USD for the nearest 15 years.
Neutral cigarette packs will cause increase of counterfeit products, considers Criminology Professor
Plans of European Commission for demanding stricter requirements to tobacco industry can cause increase of criminal activity, consider authors of research that was financed by Philip Morris.
Which countries cannot visit smokers?
Lighted up a cigarette? Be so kind and go to hospital ward. You don't want to treat? You'll have to leave your home.
JTI will bring to market "microcigarettes"
Company is sure that novelty has opened absolutely new segment of tobacco market.
Britain scientists: smoking only on weekends is the same harmful as everyday smoking
Academic specialists in alcohol, nicotine and other dependences, Northumbria University (England) employees have determined that people that smoke cigarettes only on weekends...
Smokeless tobacco is not at all safer than usual cigarettes
Doctors appeal to get done with consumption of quasi less dangerous than cigarettes, snuff and chewing tobacco...
Kenyan prostitutes hunt tobacco farmers
Since many farmers in Nyanza province that is located on the West of Kenya have signed contracts with cigarette giant "British American Tobacco"...
Paris smokers will bear pecuniary responsibility for pigsty
Any smoker, if he is skinflint and boor, every day leaves after himself in prohibited places from five to 30 cigarette butts.
"Smoking children" - can this make you quit smoking?
Belgian photographer Frieke Janssens created series of scandal pictures on which are photographed smoking children.
In USA was prohibited to place frightening pictures on cigarette packs
Federal court in Washington has declared illegal frightening images of health harm on cigarette packs that take half of front and back side of pack.
To quit smoking China population prevent traditions of politeness
Specialists of Changsha Universiry, that is located in China province, have made focus-group among rural population in order to find out how local traditions of using tobacco products influence the health of population.
In Turkey are going to close and deprive of names all hookah smoking places
Famous Turkish coffee shops where is served local hookah (narghile) can disappear soon as phenomena.
In Norway will be prohibited smoke breaks and sale of cigarettes in cartons
From Oslo inform that majority of Norway employers intend to prohibit their staff making smoke breaks during working hours.
In Finnish shops cigarettes cannot be seen anymore
From January 2012 in Finland came into force law that prohibits displaying tobacco products on counter.
In New Zealand was invented one more way to quit smoking
Cigarettes with tobacco that contain almost no nicotine (no-nicotine cigarettes) are sold not in all countries of the world.
In Israel hospital patients started to be penalized for smoking
Thousand shekels is approximately 265 USD per present exchange rate.
Rotten teeth wait for Irishmen on cigarette packs
Minister of Health of Ireland Dr. James Reilly has signed normative document according to which from February 1st 2013 all tobacco Companies that sell their own cigarettes...
Fake surgeon was arrested for smoking during surgery and other infringements
This story was made public only after infectious illness began soon after San Francisco (USA) resident suffered liposuctioning.
Authorities of Ajman Emirate put smokers on the spot
Citizens and nationals of various countries that leave in residential districts of Ajman Emirate - the smallest within United Arab Emirates - are forced to think on how to say goodbye to the habit of tobacco smoking.
Ministry of Finance will restrict quantity of cigarettes that can be bought in Duty Free
Among sources of funds with which Minister of Finance plans to compensate incomes fall in treasury because of income tax decrease for middle class are specified...
Barak Obama stands for placing images on cigarette packs about smoking harm
President Barak Obama insists on placing images on cigarette packs about smoking harm.
On Bali Island resorts will be prohibited to smoke in all public places
Let's take, for example, Nepal - also popular tourist region - it is prohibit to smoke in public as well.
Crisis has not helped USA population to quit smoking
USA population refuses to quit smoking even in spite of economic crisis, informs New York Daily News.
Intake of pills against smoking leads to suicide
Scientists from American University Wake Forest (North Carolina, USA) during last research of popular preparation against smoking Champix side effect have found out that even short-term drug intake causes thoughts about suicide.
Australian senate has approved cigarette sale in "faceless" packs
Australian senate has approved draft law that in case of its approval by Parliament will oblige manufacturers of tobacco products to produce cigarettes in identical packs...
Manufacturer of Marlboro cigarettes dismisses 15 % of stuff because of demand fall: people quit smok
Altria Group Inc. that produces Marlboro cigarettes has declared about reduction of personnel by 15 % because of sales' fall.
In Japan cigarettes will get up by 75 %
Japan Minister of Health Yoko Komiyama has officially declared that state government plans to increase rate of excise duty on tobacco products.
Egypt reports about liquidation of 32 millions of counterfeit cigarettes
One of the ways of huge batches of counterfeit cigarettes penetration in Mediterranean and European countries is Suez Canal.
Orangutan Shirley from Malaysian zoo was prohibited to smoke
The biggest Malaysian shame is monkey named Shirley that has bummed cigarettes from Johor Bahru zoo visitors for several years is not embarrass with its' behavior citizens and visitors anymore.
Smokers are really bad lovers - proved by science
"Britain urological magazine" has published research results made by group of medics from Boston (USA) under the charge of Doctor Christopher Hart.
Advertising cigarettes among students, China risks being short of 10 trillion USD
Amazing, but it is fact: thousands of children from not rich agricultural regions of Western China wouldn't be able to go to school and grip basics of sciences, if there were no... cigarettes.
Smoking after menopause furthers growth of sex hormone-s level
Recent research, results of which were published in "Endocrinology and metabolism magazine", has confirmed physiologists' guess...
Cigarette after sex reduces probability to give birth to a boy - scientists say
Scientists of many countries declare that in the world are born more and more girls.
Europe switches to fire-safe cigarettes
Retired criminalists that have nothing to lose incognito say that number of real fires due to smoking in the bed a little...
In Nepal have prohibited smoking
Katmandu, August 8th. In Nepal public places smoking is prohibited form now on.
American smokers have become passionate devotees of pipe tobacco
Sales of pipe tobacco in USA have grown higher than Statue of Liberty placed on the top of Empire State Building.
German police is losing the war with tobacco contraband
Spending millions of euro on struggle with no excise-tax cigarettes penetration to German market...
Smokers will have new worries
Smoking ban became for the last years unpleasant tradition for smokers. Number of public places where limit or prohibit smoking at all, increases steadily.
In German has fallen cigarettes consumption
In Germany has reduced consumption of cigarettes with filter, informs Welt with reference to German Federal Office of Statistics data.
Country, practically free of tobacco should become Argentina
In Argentina comes into force total ban on smoking in public places and at work.
World without tobacco
Fighters with smoking are accused of the fact that people are deprived of right to choose, discriminate and are totally non-democratic.
War with competitors. Part 2
Indirectly connection of pharmaceutical Companies that produce means for replacement therapy with anti-tobacco lobby is being confirmed with both...
War with competitors. Part 1
As states one of the oldest activists with anti-tobacco lobby, one of directors of Dutch smoker's rights group Seren Hoyberg, answer on question "who is interested in smoking control?" is located directly on cigarettes' pack.
War and destruction
Questions among many experts started to appear while fight against smoking continued: anti-tobacco lobby that has notably established its influence
Sacred war
War with tobacco is run, perhaps, from the very moment of its appearance in Europe.
Got a light?
In the middle of November 2010 in tobacco war that continues several decades already has sounded a shot.
Smoker-s lungs by sight do not differ from lungs of non-smoking person
In spite of what are social advertisement and a lot of pictures that illustrate difference between smoker's lungs and lungs of non-smoking person showing, there is no external difference between them.
Tobacco giants have added chemical substances to cigarettes
Tobacco giants Philip Morris and British American Tobacco have added to cigarettes drastic chemical substances that suppress appetite.
To overcome habit to smoking will help special diet
After fruits and vegetables cigarettes' smoke seems to be very unpleasant.
Cigarettes can cure cancer
Cigarettes can cure cancer consider doctors of Indonesian clinic Griya Balur that is located in Jakarta.
Logos on cigarettes packs in Australia will be replaced with image of sick gums
Australian authorities plan to prohibit to tobacco products manufacturers printing their logos on cigarettes packs.
Electronic cigarettes: panacea or a hollow?
This device that visually reminds of real cigarette has integrated cartridge with nicotine and battery. Electronic cigarette doesn't make smoke and characteristic tobacco smell.
Cigarette at the wheel costs 1.5 thousand Euros in Greece
Greece has introduced ban for smoking on transport in which are present children younger than 12 years old.
Cigarettes are not a medicine. Part 2
Peter Groll that reproaches in address of "tobacco manufacturers" not always is appropriate. "When employee smokes, it is not difficult to determine how much time he spends not at his working place...
Cigarettes are not a medicine. Part 1
Even if smoking is your own business, it turns into social when you will desire to get nicotine dose at work.
Aged cigars. What does it mean?
Some cigar lovers tell: with time first class cigars made of long leaf like cognac or vintage wines become more refined - interpenetration of different tobaccos flavors in the blend reaches perfection.
What is humidor and how to buy it if it is expensive for you? Part 2
Some people keep in one humidor cigars of various brands, letting their flavors mix freely.
What is humidor and how to buy it if it is expensive for you? Part 1
Cigar that was born in tropics should further exist in the same conditions.
How to choose appropriate time for cigar?
Louis de Funese Hero in comedy "Frozen" ("Hibernatus") when something happened has asked: "Give me a tiny glass of cognac s and a huge cigar".
What for exist cigars the thickness of which is bigger than its length?
Cigar length is length of your pleasure. But its thickness determines quality. Very thin cigar is more pointed.
Who invented cigars and why they are called so?
Cigar and tobacco discovering connect with Christopher Columbus who has also discovered America. During his main expedition (year 1492) while visiting Caribbean islands, famous today as San Salvador, Cuba and Haiti.
Useful cigarettes have been created
Despite medics' statements about total harm of cigarettes were presented cigarettes enriched with vitamins that can bring to person's organism certain benefit.
Cigarettes do not help to lose weight. Part 2
With that, weight difference determined in this case appears to be, say the least, some ghostly.
Cigarettes do not help to lose weight. Part 1
As it is known, quite often smoking women are inclined to explain their unwillingness to quit smoking with danger to put on excess weight.
Filter for cigarettes
Filter for cigarettes is usually a device made of spongy material, for example, paper, cotton, cork, applied to the cigarettes' end to absorb moisture, tar, nicotine and various admixtures.
Cigar of 45 meters length
For the forth time, Cuban cigar smoker Jose Castelar Cueto has entered Guinness Book of Records. This time previous his records Jose has eclipsed by appearance of 45 meters long cigar.
All strange secrets disclose cigarettes
On cigarettes packs started to appear big inscriptions lately about their killing content. According to them smokers' fate is already decided: either quit or die!
Hookah appeared to be even more harmful than cigarettes
American specialists from National society of cancer research declare that hookah's harmlessness is a big myth!
USA starts advertising war with tobacco smoking. Part 2
"Smoking can kill you", "Smoking during pregnancy can cause harm to your baby", "Tobacco smoke is the reason of fatal lung disease among non-smokers"...
USA starts advertising war with tobacco smoking. Part 1
Dead man inside a coffin, crying child, thinned on the top man and so on. All of these are new graphic "bogeyman stories" that Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is going to use to adorn cigarette packs.
For smoking on balcony Finns will pay penalty in amount of one thousand euro
People who like to smoke on the balcony will have to pay a lot for their liking.
WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control
During 15-20 November will have place IV Session of Convention on Tobacco Control parties in Uruguay.
In Estonia excise tax on cigarettes will be increased in two steps
Estonian parliament with 65 votes has passed amendments in law for excise tax.
Cigarette manufacturers were accused in indirect advertising on YouTube
Leading tobacco manufacturers could have intentionally place advertisement of cigarette products on video-hosting YouTube.
Chimpanzee-smoker has died
In Republic of South Africa, in Bloemfontein Zoo died world-known smoker-chimpanzee Charlie.
Japanese buy up cigarettes by chests
In Japan smokers have actively stocked up cigarettes. Many of them were buying 10-30 chests at once as from October 1st prices on tobacco products have raised a lot.
In the country of the most mass tourism tourists will be banned from smoking on the street
More and more countries in chase of healthy lifestyle impose ban on smoking. These days this initiative has been also approved by Egypt authorities.
Inscriptions on cigarettes packs are wrong
Researches have determined that figures printed on cigarette packs don't reflect the real content of tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide in tobacco smoke.
Tobacco drying up and fermentation. Part 2
Fermentation. Thanks to what cigar tobacco differs cardinally from, for example, cigarette tobacco? The matter is that tobacco that afterwards will be used for cigar manufacturing is subject to double fermentation.
Tobacco drying up and fermentation. Part 1
To grow good tobacco is just half of work. In order not to spoil the gathered tobacco harvest you should with all responsibility approach to the stage that precedes the rolling up...
From where do we have tobacco
The exact origin of "tobacco" word is not known but supposedly its roots come from the island name Tobago. Inhabitants of this island have rolled leafs of some plant and have used them in ritual smoking, calling this plant "tobacco".
Which tobacco types do we smoke?
Today, smoking became ordinary habit of many people. Smokers every day buy cigarettes, choosing any brand.
Plant that has conquered the world
What associations does person have when he hears the word "tobacco"? Perhaps, practically everyone will answer that it is some substance that is smoked
Various methods of tobacco consumption
Tobacco was imported in Europe from Central America. Most probably, the word "tobacco" itself originates from the name of Tobago Island. And when Europeans began to grow tobacco, medicine of that time was sure in its healthy properties.
Smokeless tobacco
Today is known a lot of methods of tobacco consumption. First of all, it is smoking. You can smoke such tobacco products as cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos and even hookah. Some people also take a great interest in chewing tobacco or snus, as it is also called.
Tobacco is gift of the God to people. Part 2
Once French diplomat Jean Nicot, from whose second name originates name of substance that is contained in tobacco nicotine, has offered tobacco to Spanish court doctors Catherine de Medici who with its help have healed her from often episodes of migraine.
Tobacco is gift of the God to people. Part 1
Tobacco is gift of the God to people. At least just in this way antique tribes of American Indians have explained its origin.
Tobacco rising and harvest. Part 2
During air drying tobacco is kept in big, well protected from sun rays, drying depots in which definite temperature is maintained and necessary humidity level.
Tobacco rising and harvest. Part 1
Tobacco rising requires from planters big efforts an money investment and also deep knowledge, high professionalism and reach experience as the path from tobacco seed to ready raw materials for tobacco products manufacturing is very long and thorny.
Snuff tobacco blends
Source material for snuff tobacco blends creation serve the same tobacco sorts and their varieties that are also used for pipe and self-twist tobacco blends production...
Snuff tobacco consumption
To her maximal pleasure from snuff tobacco inhalation, use several simple advices given below: 1. Snuff tobacco can be inhaled in two ways: from the fingertip or from the side face of the hand.
Tobacco treatment. Part 5
So, mixing both main tobaccos - Virginia and Burley can be reached necessary balance among dryness and sweetness, at the same time with this, regulating nicotine quantity.
Tobacco treatment. Part 4
A LITTLE OF CHEMISTRY Chemical composition of tobacco depends on sort, growth conditions, method and time of cropping and in large extent on soil composition.
Tobacco treatment. Part 3
Air-curing process is usually lasts from 5 to 10 weeks, depending on climatic conditions. Another method of air-curing, is so called, Flure-curing was invented in USA.
Tobacco treatment. Part 2
Transplanting Soil characteristics is one of the most significant parameters that are requires for growing qualitative tobacco.
Tobacco treatment. Part 1
Plant When Columbus discovered America, humanity has got our plants that have played huge role in economic and industrial development.
Tobacco storage and recovery
It is better to store tobacco in original tobacco pouch or jar, providing that they were not opened. The major part of pouches and all jars are sealed in vacuum way that is why they practically don't get dry.
How to sort out huge quantity of various names of pipe tobaccos? Part 3
Aromatized tobaccos This is interesting, comparatively new direction of the development in pipe tobaccos sphere. First, worked tobacco goes through first stage that is called "casing" that influences namely tobacco taste.
How to sort out huge quantity of various names of pipe tobaccos? Part 2
Unfortunately, majority of tobacco manufacturers, in advertising prospectus describe advantages of their products with unjustifiably optimistic colors that often don't have any relation to realty.
How to sort out huge quantity of various names of pipe tobaccos? Part 1
What are berley, latakia, perique and so on... About all of these we decided to tell here, at the very beginning of the list of the most or less famous, but not least worthy tobaccos.
History of tobacco appearance in Europe. Part 5

Life style

Today's style of business life implies refuse from smoking. Health and sport are idols of modern Western businessmen.
History of tobacco appearance in Europe. Part 4
Cigars, cigarettes, pipes Smoking from beginning was accessible only for noble and wealthy people.
History of tobacco appearance in Europe. Part 3
Museum of smoking in Paris Of course, it is impossible not to immortalize and long history. So, in France exists unique smoking Museum.
History of tobacco appearance in Europe. Part 2
Governments of different countries tried to struggle with tobacco smoking, naming it "demonic destruction".
History of tobacco appearance in Europe. Part 1
Smoking itself (if to consider in this quality smoke inhaling from burning down plants) takes count from times immemorial.
Winston cigarettes
Launch of Winston cigarettes from the very beginning, i.e. from 1950 was followed by motto: "Winston tastes good like a cigarette should". Creators of these cigarettes have invented a lot of good things.
How to smoke pipe. Part 5
6. Don't be afraid to use brushes during smoking. Often, when you smoke, pipe begins to gurgle. Especially often it happens with curved pipes where easily gathers moisture.
How to smoke pipe. Part 4
3. Fill in the pipe correctly. This ability will come with experience, but be aware that too tight and too weak filled pipes will be smoked hot and will bite the tip of the tongue.
How to smoke pipe. Part 3
And the last important question - breaking in. Exists opinion that before breaking in it would be good to treat pipe with alcohol (rum, brandy or cognac), but being friend of tobacco, alcohol is briar's enemy.
How to smoke pipe. Part 2
From what to light up - from matches or from lighter - it is your own business. It is important for lighter to be gas with side flame.
How to smoke pipe. Part 1
Person that has refused pipe only because he hasn't managed to fill it correctly or to burn it or because from the very beginning he has chosen bad pipe, refuses himself in pleasure.
Tobacco brands. Part 2
Cavendish Danish Cavendish is mixture of different tobacco leafs, such as Burley, Virginia and Maryland that were pressed in bricks for ageing. Any tobacco that meets these requirements is named Cavendish.
Tobacco brands. Part 1
Exist approximately 60 sorts and more than 1000 varieties of plant from "tobacco" family, but are cultivated only two of them - Nicotiana tabacum (is used in cigarette, cigar and pipe tobacco production) and Nicotiana rustica (for hookah tobacco and cigarette tobacco of low quality, such as Syrian tobacco).
Tobacco varieties. Part 4
9. Cameroon and Central African Republic. In these two countries tobacco that got the name "Cameroon". This sort is originated from sort of tobacco Sumatra that was imported in these countries.
Tobacco varieties. Part 3
6. Mexico. At nicotiana tabacum (that have got spreading in entire world) homeland at present moment are grown not only national sorts of tobacco but some sorts of tobacco that have gone long way of selection in other countries of the world...
Tobacco varieties. Part 2
2. Connecticut (USA). In Northern America are mainly grown sorts of tobacco of virginica family that is also hybrid of nicotiana tabacum.
Tobacco varieties. Part 1
There are few main sorts of tobacco from which are grown cigarís tobacco leafs. In some countries are used seeds that have Cuban origin...
Interesting facts about smoking
At the beginning of 20th century doctors advised to pregnant women in order not to put on weight to smoke.
Cigarettes. Historical note. Part 2
To tobacco spreading favored the following factors: Newness. The Old World inhabitants are captivated by everything what then took place in distant America.
Cigarettes. Historical note. Part 1
The word "tobacco" itself (lat. nicotiana tabacum), it may be, originates from Tobago island name.
Cigarette smoke pollute environment 10 times more than the car exhaust gas
Cigarette smoke pollute environment 10 times more than the car exhaust gas from a diesel engine, Italian scientists say.
State employees in Florida have to pay 600 dollars a year for smoking
Tobacco has been delivered to Europe from the South America in 16 century.
Experts will spoil the taste of cigarettes
To kick the habit such as smoking, the Dutch experts plan to spoil the taste of cigarettes. To be more precise they want to develop a special diet that won't provide any desire to light up a cigarette after meat.
Liquid Cigarettes
One of the tobacco producing company declared about the production of a brand new beverage that tastes like a cigarette.
BAT is interested in purchasing of Turkish tobacco company Tekel Cigarette
British American Tobacco is interested in purchasing of Turkish public company Tekel Cigarette. The assessed value of this company according to analytics is $1-1,5 billion.
European Commission offers to extend financing of anti tobacco informational campaigns
European Commission offered to extend financing of the Tobacco Fund for 2 years more. Informational campaigns about hazardous effect of cigarettes smoking are carried out at the expenses of the Tobacco Fund.
To the last drop of nicotine
Recently almost every day new information about the tightening of tobacco legislation appears. The president Turkey Abdullah Gul signed the new smoking ban in bars and restaurants, and in Thailand cigarette smoking is forbidden even in alfresco cafes and markets.
Tobacco Company was insulted by the book of Hemingway in the form of cigarettes pack
British design company Tank faces suit from the direction of transnational tobacco concern British American Tobacco for the edition of book, designed as a cigarettes pack.
Law breakers will have to pay 68 Euro for cigarettes smoking
France decided to give up smoking in New Year. Since the 1st of January smoking ban in public places was put into force in France.
How to smoke a cigar
Being first time cigar smoker put off this occasion for the weekend or evening after snacks or the main dish; alone or with your friends.
Japan Tobacco will pay $400 to European Union
Japan Tobacco Company signed an agreement with European Union for 15 years on struggle against tobacco smuggling.
Pipe smoking
The history of smoking is rooted in the past. Scythians liked to breathe the smoke of dried plants, various nations used smoke as the component of magic rituals.
Penthouse and cigars
Sex can sell cigars. This idea came to the mind of Michael Hachikian, the founder of Club De Players, in his dream.
Davidoff brend
Davidoff cigars were very popular all over the world. Aficionado from all the countries and continents note that Davidoff cigars differ from other Cuban cigars.
Chocolate for smokers
Scientists from Germany and Switzerland imparted good news for smokers. They found out how to avoid unpleasant consequences because of friendship with tobacco without great expenses.
Thoughts about smoking
In our times, full of negative, annoyance and troubles, there are pleasures available for us. Sometimes we give up smoking or smoke automatically, and the life becomes boring and monotonous. Sometimes it happens because of changes in tastes.
History of Philip Morris Company
The history of internationally known company originates from that moment when Philip Morris opened his only tobacco and cigarettes store in 1847 in London at Bond Street.
Philip Morris paid almost $3 billions for cigars
Altria corporation, which owns cigarettes company Philip Morris, paid $2,9 billions for cigar producer John Middleton, Associated Press reports.
Gathering and cultivation of tobacco leaves
Tobacco is ready for gathering when its leaves grow lighter and become spotty: this moment comes in 4Ā]6 months after planting. Either separate leaves or the whole plant is cropped.
Virginia Slims renovation
Virginia Slims brand always prepares some surprise for adult smokers. This time, looking forward to spring spirits and desire for changes, it decided to renew the whole flavor line, and to refresh the design of packs.
Create and study the tobacco smoke
Just as specialists talk about race of wine and the bouquet of perfume aroma, tobacco experts emphasize bouquet of cigarette smoke ‐ is a combination of taste, aroma and sensible tactile characteristics such as sensations on lips and in one's mouth, which determine the appeal of cigarettes for smokers.
Bonafume cigarettes
New cigarettes, which are tested now in American town Newport, are called Bonafume.
The most expensive cigarettes in Californian prisons
Maybe exactly in this moment, the most expensive cigarette in the world is smoked by Californian prisoner.
Dutch made harmless cigarette
Dutch engineer Evert Vilbenk could not stand smoking ban in public places. He invented harmless high tech cigarettes, which does not emit smoke.
Large lot of cigarettes is confiscated
Kathleen M. Rice, The District Attorney of Nassau County, reported that authorities confiscated about 600 thousand cartons of popular brands, including Marlboro and Newport.
British American Tobacco about smoking
British American Tobacco produces high quality cigarettes which give pleasure to many adult purchasers of tobacco products all over the world.
Beer is allowed, cigarette is not
Earlier in Berlin underground railway stations people could smoke. And even in hospitals patients could smoke in special rooms. Since the 1st of September in Germany the law about second hand smoking has been put into force.
Watch, glass and cigarettes
Long time ago the prosperity of smoker could be determined by the presence or absence of cigarette case and by the material of this case, as well as its decor.
Philip Morris launched brand new pack for Marlboro
The pack of brand cigarettes has the form of the cigarette case and it was developed specially for smokers, who visit the best clubs, bars and restaurants of Moscow and Saint Petersburg.
Alternative retro
The plot of the movie Coffee and Cigarettes is short black and white films, in which heroes hold the discussions, drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes...
Tobacco producers stake on outdoor advertising
According to the statistics, the most advertised tobacco brands became Winston Lights, Pall Mall, Kent, Monte Carlo Lights, Marlboro and L&M Lights.
How Philip Morris changes its advertizing concept.
Phillip Morris controls about 16 percent of word tobacco market. Its best seller brand is Marlboro which takes 8,4 percent of the world cigarettes sales. Company achieved this success thanks to Marlboro cowboy image and it supports him over last 50 years.
Careless struggle with smoking causes danger for life
British people, trying to quit smoking, are kept under observation in view of the messages about 18 smokers, who died of anti-smoking drugs (Zyban) consumption
Nicotine free cigarettes
Scientists-genetics hit upon the idea to kill the gene in tobacco, which is responsible for the nicotine production. Being a weak drug, nicotine leads to smoking addiction and allows smoker get pleasure from the process.
Not just a simple advertisement
The show of tobacco brands even during several minutes in Hollywood movie costs approximately $100-300 thousand.
Anti-tobacco advertising does not let people give up smoking
On the whole, the research has shown that such advertisement effects only those who donít smoke at all
Absolutely new cigarettes
European commission is going to ban traditional cigarettes all over Europe and substitute them with...
Smokers are forced to be dismissed from office
The owner of insurance company "Weyco Inc." used an unusual method of health care of his employees. In order to make his people give up smoking, he simply put an ultimatum.
Alcohol and cigarettes prolong live
Thus, 100 year old man in China village Chijan Shutzin thinks he can't live without cigarettes and alcohol.
Cigarette filter
The effectiveness of cigarette smoke filtration may be intensified by reducing of fiber diameter and increasing of filterís length, or adding certain substances to the fiber
Skin-care for smokers
What can we do when we want to smoke and to keep our skin healthy at the same time? Itís possible to prevent negative circumstances of this harmful habit.
Optimistic advices for those who cant quit smoking
As a result of numerous attempts to give up smoking I came to rather unexpected conclusion that I donít have to quit smoking, becauseÖ
Smoking is not only harmful but useful!
Will smoking bring the same harm if we are never told about it?
Smoking pregnant raises the chance to give birth to baby GIRL
Scientists discovered that smokers gave birth to girls, besides it second hand smoking may influence on the sex of the future child.
British cigarettes will be supplied with radio labels
British HM Revenue and Customs examines the variant of supplying every cigarette pack with special radio label...
History of tobacco
Till the end of the15th century this plant probably was not known to other people except autochthonous inhabitants of American continent
Some words about the advantages of smoking
You can also get rid of unnecessary energy with the help of cigarettes.
How to combine smoking and etiquette?
The deal is in respecting some simple rules which afford you to communicate with others holding a cigarette as self-confidently as James Bond.
Devil is not so terrible as it is painted
As we all know, smile makes our life a minute longer, and one cigarette makes it 3 minutes shorter.
Devil is not so terrible as it is painted
As we all know, smile makes our life a minute longer, and one cigarette makes it 3 minutes shorter.
Network of Non-smoking institutions will appear in Krakow, Poland
Authors of Non-smoking institutions project insist, that their task is to present anti-tobacco fashion in the whole city.
Its possible to subdue the desire to smoke a cigarette doing exercises
According to research work, it was established, that a smoker is able to restrain himself from smoking a cigarette with the help of some exercises.
Taylor says 700 Million In Tobacco Taxes Is No Windfall.
The Provincial Government rakes in about 700 million dollars a year in tobacco taxes....but Finance Minister Carole Taylor says that's no windfall.
Tobacco ban in California prisons ignites black market for cigarettes
LANCASTER, California: California's ban on tobacco in prisons has ignited a burgeoning black market behind bars, where a pack of cigarettes can fetch up to $125 (ą95).
R.I. law to require fire-safe cigarettes
Only fire-safe cigarettes will be available legally in Rhode Island if proposed legislation is passed by the General Assembly.
Local Restaurant, Bar Owners Have Mixed Feelings About Proposal to Ban Smoking in Restaurants
Last week, Virginia's Senate Education and Health Committee approved Sen. Brandon Bell's (R-Roanoke County) bill to ban smoking in all restaurants and most other indoor public places.
Senator Introduces Smoking Tax, Again
Tennesseans could soon be paying more for a pack of cigarettes. Senator Rosalind Kurita is pushing for a $1 per pack increase on the cigarette tax. She said it could generate close to $400 million in extra money for the state.
Snookys Tobacco closing
ALBANY ó During its heyday in the mid-1990s, Snookyís Downtown Tobacco Shop in Two Rivers Market carried more than 100 brands of premium cigars that sold for about $10 each. One wall of its large walk-in humidor was filled with tobaccos from around the world.
Tobacco seed discovery suggests industrys roots
Tobacco seed discovery suggests industrys roots Three 400-year-old tobacco seeds recovered recently from the ooze of a colonial well in Jamestown, Va., appear to be the first and earliest-known evidence of cultivation by English colonists of a plant that would become the cash crop of a New World empire, a form of living gold that would eventually be shunned as a cancer-causing scourge.
Analyst: Tobacco giant set to introduce Newport co
Analyst: Tobacco giant set to introduce Newport co A tobacco industry analyst says that Philip Morris USA, the country's No. 1 cigarette maker, is poised to introduce a Marlboro-branded menthol that will compete directly with Newport.
Philip Morris May Raise Cigarette Price
Philip Morris USA Could Raise Cigarette Prices Before Christmas, Citigroup Analyst Says NEW YORK (AP) -- Philip Morris USA may announce a price increase of 10 cents per pack, leading other cigarette makers to follow suit, Citigroup Analyst Bonnie Herzog wrote in a research note Thursday.
Artists Blend Cigarettes with Cosmos
Artists Blend Cigarettes with Cosmos The Modern City Fund presents the exhibition "Origin of Species" by artists Alexei Kallima and Inna Boguslavskaya...
Argentinians say: put this in your pipe and smoke it
Argentinians say: put this in your pipe and smoke it San Pedro, Argentina - Following in his father's footsteps, Esteban da Rosa has been growing tobacco on a smallholding in northern Argentina all his life...
New ban in bars has veteran smokers fuming
New ban in bars has veteran smokers fuming John Wainscott is a Vietnam War vet and long-haul trucker who enjoys smoking two packs of cigarettes a day...
Tobacco sale in Hong Kong
April 26, 2006
Source Xinhua
Tobacco sale in Hong Kong
Legislator Kowk Ka-ki and several anti-smoking members condemned the price-cutting policy of Philip Morris...
Japan Tobacco
April 19, 2006 11:09
US Eastern Timezone
Japan Tobacco Produces Marlboro - One of the Best Selling Brands in the Cigarette Market
DUBLIN, Ireland - Research and Markets has announced the addition of Tobacco Japan 2006 to their offering...
Thank You for Smoking
14th April 2006
By Christopher Lyon
Nick Naylor is the chief lobbyist for Big Tobacco, and he is the best in the business...
Philip Morris goes after smoking baby toy
Apr 12th 2006
By Adam Finley
Philip Morris goes after smoking baby toy
Philip Morris is going after the creators of a Smoking Baby toy...
Smoking cigarettes in public places of Denver
10th April, 2006
By Diane Carman
Denver Post Staff Columnist
Smoking cigarettes in public places of Denver
My mother was visiting Denver for a family gathering two years ago and several of us were having lunch at a big table in the bar area of a LoDo restaurant owned by the mayor...
Altria Group raises forecast for 2006
Friday, 5th April, 2006
Daily Briefing
From Staff And News Services
New York - Altria Group Inc., majority owner of Kraft Foods and maker of Marlboro cigarettes...
Cheap cigarettes from little tobacco companies
Thursday, 4th April, 2006
By Steve Korris
Cheap cigarettes from little tobacco companies have fouled up the $246 billion deal that big tobacco companies made with taxpayers...
Knockoff cigarettes lead to indictments
Friday, 3d April, 2006
By Sam Wood
Knockoff cigarettes lead to indictments
Eleven people have been charged with importing them from China.

About cigarettes, cigars and pipe smokers
The Sunday Times - Scotland
March 19, 2006
THE TOBACCONIST Alan D Myerthall may be a tobacconist but, oddly enough, he doesn?t view the smoking ban as a wholesale disaster...
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