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Electronic cigarettes undergo a realty test. Part 2
"Homemade" vaporizers are not only cheaper - presence of aromas makes them more attractive.

Electronic cigarettes undergo a realty test
Big tobacco Companies finally have seriously taken on electronic cigarettes.

Cigarettes with low nicotine content do not increase number of smoked cigarettes
Fear of smokers that cigarettes with low nicotine content may make smoke them more, appeared to be groundless showed Canadian scientists.

Electronic cigarette cause nicotine dependence
Scientists have proved that electronic cigarette doesn't save from bad habit.

Smoking to the good: scientists offered to recycle cigarette butts
It appears that cigarette butts' filters can be used for storing energy.

In Kazakhstan cigarettes will grow in price by 30% in 2015
Ministry of finance of Republic of Kazakhstan suggests determining from January 1st 2015 minimum retail price on pack of filtered cigarettes in amount of 200 tenge.

Ministry of Health has prohibited sending soldiers tobacco and cigarettes to Gaza
Ministry of Health of Israel has prohibited sending cigarettes and tobacco products to soldiers and Zahal officers...

In Netherlands was officially declared that electronic cigarettes are harmful for health
In Netherlands was officially declared that electronic cigarettes are harmful for health.

Israeli pharmacies were prohibited to sell cigarettes
Ministry of Health of Israel has prohibited private pharmacies and pharmaceutical chains to sell electronic cigarettes...

Electronic cigarettes have caused new type of dependence
Among victims are children.

Designer has invented cigarettes that help to quit smoking
Taiwanese designer has invented new collection of special cigarettes with the help of which people may get rid of vicious habit, writes The Daily Mail.

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Personalities in tobacco history

Aboriginal population of America - Indians have used tobacco for various purposes: for curing wounds and some diseases (in form of decoctions and syrups), in religious ceremonies, for smoking. In their first West Indian Expedition in 1492 Christopher Columbus on one of Bahamas Islands in Central America discovered by him - Guanahani named subsequently San Salvador, has found that local population - Indians that have called themselves Lucayans (people of islands) have smoked rolled in pipe dry leaves of wildings that they named "petum".


One of Columbus's sailors has adopted from Indians smoking habit. For this he was accused of sorcery when he came back to Spain and was condemned by inquisition. During the second West Indian Expedition in 1498 Christopher Columbus has seen on Haiti and Santa Domingo Islands Indians that were chewing tobacco. One of Columbus's associates Bartolome De Las-Casas who later became a historian brings the following description of smoking: "dried grass, rolled in dry leaf in form of petard is lighted from one end but from another end the smoke is inhaled. This smoke lulls the flesh and act as an intoxicant and mitigates fatigue. Such petards aboriginals name tobacco." It is considered that its name tobacco got from Tobago province where the plant grew. Smoking Indians have been also discovered by Amerigo Vespucci during his expedition.

Bartolome De Las-Casas

From Spain tobacco was imported to Portugal, where Damio Goya has made first experiments for determining its curing properties. Later tobacco got to European countries in various ways. It was imported to Holland as in 1554 about this plant (but only as decorative crop) is mentioned in the works of Dutch botanists. French monk Andre Greve returning in 1556 from Portugal has planted in his garden and grown tobacco and then he has described its properties. Greve has maintained that tobacco has "curing" effect for human body, "clears brain juices", reduces hunger and thirst, intoxicates as wine and then causes excessive sweating and total weakness up to fainting.

In 1559 naturalist and doctor of Spanish king Philip II Fernandez Toledo has brought tobacco from Mexico and cultivated it in royal garden. In 1560 French delegate at Lisbon court Jean Nicot (with his name is connected botanic name of tobacco - nicotiana) has sent dry leaves and tobacco seeds for curing purposes to Catherine Medici. Nicot has also adopted habit to French aristocracy to snuff tobacco, the leaved of which (as he considered) had ability to "eliminate and destroy head and brain diseases." To this time tobacco becomes in France wildly known plant, it is used in decorative and especially in curative purposes as universal treatment. Catherine Medici has introduced monopoly for tobacco sale and treatment as result into the royal treasury went significant funds.

Philip II Fernandez Toledo

Sniffing and chewing tobacco first was considered barbarian habit however later these types of its consumption got wide spreading. In 1580 and 1586 famous English seafarer Francis Drake who later became vice-admiral and was knighted, who has successfully acted against Spaniards off the American coast under black jack on the ship "Golden Hind", brought to motherland not only dried leaves but also tobacco seeds. With some assistance from many corsairs at the end of XVI century in English gain popularity pipe smoking that began to be produced in big quantities of clay and nut wood. To tobacco spreading in Germany, Austria and Northern European countries furthered the Thirty Years' War (1618-1648) that has caught Europe.

Francis Drake

To 1600 in American colonies of Spain appeared commercial tobacco plantations. In 1612 John Rolf has gathered first harvest of tobacco in English colony Jamestown (Virginia) after what it was named by the countries in which it was imported from these plantations Virginian. Less than in 10 years tobacco became one of the main positions of Virginian export and was even used by colonists as peculiar currency during barter trade.

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