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Electronic cigarettes undergo a realty test. Part 2
"Homemade" vaporizers are not only cheaper - presence of aromas makes them more attractive.

Electronic cigarettes undergo a realty test
Big tobacco Companies finally have seriously taken on electronic cigarettes.

Cigarettes with low nicotine content do not increase number of smoked cigarettes
Fear of smokers that cigarettes with low nicotine content may make smoke them more, appeared to be groundless showed Canadian scientists.

Electronic cigarette cause nicotine dependence
Scientists have proved that electronic cigarette doesn't save from bad habit.

Smoking to the good: scientists offered to recycle cigarette butts
It appears that cigarette butts' filters can be used for storing energy.

In Kazakhstan cigarettes will grow in price by 30% in 2015
Ministry of finance of Republic of Kazakhstan suggests determining from January 1st 2015 minimum retail price on pack of filtered cigarettes in amount of 200 tenge.

Ministry of Health has prohibited sending soldiers tobacco and cigarettes to Gaza
Ministry of Health of Israel has prohibited sending cigarettes and tobacco products to soldiers and Zahal officers...

In Netherlands was officially declared that electronic cigarettes are harmful for health
In Netherlands was officially declared that electronic cigarettes are harmful for health.

Israeli pharmacies were prohibited to sell cigarettes
Ministry of Health of Israel has prohibited private pharmacies and pharmaceutical chains to sell electronic cigarettes...

Electronic cigarettes have caused new type of dependence
Among victims are children.

Designer has invented cigarettes that help to quit smoking
Taiwanese designer has invented new collection of special cigarettes with the help of which people may get rid of vicious habit, writes The Daily Mail.

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Marlboro Lights   Marlboro Lights
10 hard flip top packs, 200 filtered cigarettes. King Size Box. (Tar 6 mg, Nicotine 0.5 mg) Made in Switzerland.
less then 3 cartons
3 & more cartons

World Health Organization has regional office in USA, 525, 23rd Street, N.W. Washington, DC, 20037.

World Health Organization (WHO) has developed six effective strategies - MPOWER that must help countries in struggle with tobacco smoking.

WHO Logo

First strategy is Monitoring - monitoring of tobacco consumption and prevention.

Protecting - protection of people from tobacco smoke influence.

One more strategy - Offering - offering assistance to stop tobacco consumption. According to World Health Organization complex services that treat tobacco dependence are available only for 5 % of world population.

Warning - warnings about dangers from tobacco. To such methods can be related graphic images on cigarette packs (today application of graphic warnings is mandatory only in 42 countries of the world).

Among its strategies WHO also marks out introduction of bans on advertising, stimulation of sale and sponsorship of tobacco products (Enforcing) and also increase of taxes on tobacco products (Raising).

World Health Organization plans to reduce tobacco consumption to 2025 by 30%.

Set of 9 voluntary global NCD targets for 2025

How effective these mechanisms are? It is considered that introduction of bans of smoking on work places allows to reduce tobacco consumption in average by 29% among employees. But tax increase, according to the data of WHO experts, on tobacco products by 10% usually causes reduction of tobacco consumption by 4% in the countries with high level of profits and about by 8% - in the countries with low and average level of profits.

Smoking at work

Increase of prices on tobacco products also becomes perfect stimulus to quit smoking. 70% price increase on cigarettes may reduce number of smokers by 25%. But comprehensive ban of all types of advertisements, sales' stimulation and sponsorship is able to reduce tobacco consumption, in average, approximately by 7%, but in some countries - up to 16%.

Besides main strategies, offered by World Health Organization many countries have their own rich experience of tobacco smoking control. Among the most effective measures are increase of excise taxes on tobacco products, full smoking ban in closed areas and also full ban of tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship.

So, Ireland in March 2004 was the first country in the country that has introduced total smoking ban in closed areas where people are working and also in public places, including restaurants, pubs and cafes. Smoking is also prohibited in taxi and buses (according to legislation they are equaled to public places).

Smoking in Taxi

Smoking is allowed in specially allocated places in the hotels, on the streets, prisons, nursing homes and mental health facilities. Ban breakers will have to pay penalty in amount of 3000 euro.

In Ireland fight first of all with those who indulge smoking process and not with smokers. In this country smoking is prohibited in all public places and penalty for infringing this ban for bar, restaurants owners is in amount of 10 000 euro.

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